Small but smart

air purifier


Worsening of the vehicle and indoor air can cause various diseases.

All odor removal in the air and volatile organic compounds,
It cleanses allergens and atopy-inducing substances and pathogenic microorganisms.
It can be used versatile in vehicles and indoors.

About Us

Company               CAR IN CLEAN

Representative     CEO Dong Seob Lee

Establishmen        January 2017

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Tel. 070-8615-8513



Sep Photocatalytic Panel / Cylindrical

        Franchise Agreement.



January Registered as Carinclean Corporation

January Patent application filed (6 cases)

January SAIC car company in China and

                built-in vehicle Air purifier sample

                in progress.

January 2017 Start-up Growth Technology

                Development  Industry Support for

                the first industry project

January  Signed a patent investment contract

                 with a Biz Model Line

Feb          Signed business agreement with

                 Biz Model Line

March     Credit Guarantee Fund 'First

                 Penguin Enterprise'  and Selected

                 as a promising start-up company

April        Credit Guarantee Fund for KOSDAQ

                 Listing Recommended as

                 a KSM company

April        Registered Patent for air purifier for

                 stationary car Application (32)



January   Added patent registration of

                  air purifier for stationary

                  car Application (57)

June         CIC PREMIUM for vehicles and

                  multi-purpose Air Purifier Released

June         Attracted investment Credit

                  Guarantee Fund


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